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About 4W Enterprises....

    I guess you could call it fate.
     My great-grandfather was a blacksmith hammering out steel on an anvil that's in our shop today. My grandfather was a body man and mechanic who learned the trade assembling cars in Delta county Texas back when they were ordered from a catalog and shipped in pieces by rail. My father is a body man and mechanic who worked on everything from heavy equipment to boats to airplanes and cars.
    My brother and I then probably had little choice. We've been involved in the car and motorcycle business our whole lives, including co owning a collision repair shop for twelve years. Between us got two lifetimes of experience. Hence the name of the company----4W Enterprises----for four generations of Wallaces that have manipulated steel and made it work well and look great.
    Our passion is the restoration of vintage cars, motorcycles and collectibles. We have the equipment and experience to transform any project into one that we can all take pride in. At 4W we offer Paint, Powder Coating, Polishing, Media Blasting, Rust Repair, and Fabrication. We also offer restored parts for sale.
    We work closely with other professional mechanics, machinists, fabricators, and flow jet operators to ensure no job is out of our scope----if we don't do it we probably know someone that does. This allows you to trust every detail from the completion of a small part to completion of a full restoration to us. Please contact us about your restoration, paint or powder coat needs