Shop Rates
All charges are based on actual clock hours
Dissasembly, Mechanical Stripping, Basic Prep    $25.00 per hour
Body and Paint Labor   $40.00 per hour
Media Blasting    $55.00 per hour + media
Mechanical    $60.00 per hour

See Powder Coat Pricing Examples

We do Custom powder coating....we are not a production shop. This means your parts will not be rolling down a huge line sandwiched between manufactured parts where speed and cost are the controlling factors. We properly prepare each piece with the same care whether it receives liquid or powder paint. The quality of the job is in the details and time spent in prep. We de-grease, THOUROGLY media blast your part, and etch them if necessary. We bake in a small oven in small batches for control.

Here are some considerations before choosing powder coat:

The prices below reflect simply prepping the part and coating with a one coat solid color powder on disassembled parts. Metallics, candies, clears, and custom masking are available at an additional charge. Heavy rust, removal of chrome, and previously powder coated surfaces require more time to strip.

On restorations, it's important to know that powder coat is a relatively high build product and although shiny and tough, it is too thick for an original type finish and often covers up serial numbers and other important markings. Other options include urethane, or baked enamel finishes which are more period correct. Powder works great on vintage race bikes because of it's toughness.

Porous castings sometimes out-gas and create a popping in the finish, similar to solvent popping in liquid paint. We thoroughly clean and pre-bake the part to eliminate this problem, however some of this may be present in your part and we can't take responsibility for that. Sorry, it's the nature of old metal.

Powder coat is notoriously difficult to finesse and buff after finishing. Some dust may settle in the finished part. If you want a completely level, nib free surface consider buffed liquid paint.

For all these reasons, It's better if you get a quote on the final cost of your parts. The prices below are general guidelines and do not include freight. We would be glad to quote your job or assist you in the correct finish for your parts.
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Powder Coat Pricing Examples

Unless otherwise specified, prices are quoted in U.S.Dollars and are for one-coat solid colors only. Blast & Coat

Miscellaneous Parts

Air Cleaner Cover  25
Air Cleaner Back Plate  10
Axle & Nut   30
Axle Spacer   5
Battery Box   30
Battery Cover   25
Battery Strap   10
Belt Drive Pulley  40
Caliper  50
Caliper Mount  20
Cam Cover  50
Clutch and Brake Levers-pair-  20
Coil Cover  15
Crash Bars  50
Cylinder Head  90
Cylinder   75
Engine Cases-pair-  200
Engine Skid Plate  20
Exhaust Heat Shield   20
Fender-front-  80
Fender-back-  70
Fender Struts-pair-  50
Foot Pegs-pair-  20
Hand Levers-pair-  20
Handlebars  40
Headlight Shell  35
Intake Manifold  30
Kick Stand  20
License Plate Bracket  30
Master Cylinder, Rear  25
Master Cylinder Lid   5
Oil Filter Mount  15
Oil Tank  60+
Primary Cover  65
Rocker Box  50
Saddlebag Brackets-pair-  30
Shifter Arm  10
Shifter Bracket  15
Shock Cover   25
Sissy Bar  30
Sprocket  20
Steering Stem  30
Swing Arm  50
Lower Control Arms-each-  30
Front or Rear Bumper   35

Motorcycle & ATV

Frame & Sub Frame
ATV Frame  225
Bicycle Frame-20-22 inch-  55
Bicycle Frame standard   80
Dirt Bike Frame   175
Most Street Frames  200
Sub Frame  40


ATV Wheels  30
Mag Type  75
Rims-bare-  40

Cars & Trucks

Air Cleaner Cover  30
Alternator Housing  40
Battery Box  20
Belt Pulley  15
Brake Caliper  40
Brake Drum  80
Carburetor Body   40
Coil Springs-each-  30
Differential Cover  30
Dipstick Tube  10
Door Handle-outer-  20
Door Handle-inner-  20
Fuel Tank Straps-each-  18
Harmonic Balancer  25
Hood Hinges-pair-  50
Horn   15
Fan  30
Fuel Rail  25
Intake Manifold-4 cylinder-  60
Intake Manifold -6 or 8 cylinder-  90
License Plate Bracket  20
Motor Mount   10
Nuts / Bolts / Washers -each-  2
Oil Pan   50
Transmission, Fluid Pan   35
Timing Belt/Chain Cover  30
Valve Cover-single-  45
Valve Cover-pair-  90
Water Pump  40
Wheels-in inches-
15-17   75
18-20   100
21-24   130
Wiper Arms-pair-  20


Lower Control Arm  40
Strut Bar  35
Sway Bar  30